Whangarei Aluminium

Whangarei Aluminium is proud to be a FIRST Windows & Doors Fabricator supplied by APL - Architectural Profiles Limited and with continuous refinement and product range expansion FIRST are the perfect toolkit for designers and homeowners intent on a stylish solution.

Whangarei Aluminium supply a range of aluminium joinery suites and are proud to supply a vast range of Northland Builders, Group Housing Companies and local homeowners with a wide range of Aluminium Joinery. We also supply and install Commercial Joinery and work with a number of Construction Companies on major projects in the area.

The difference we offer is our desire to foster close relationships with our customers, ensuring that the decisions they make and the joinery options they select, are the right ones. Not just for today, but for the future as well...

Clayton & Leonie Reed have been the owner/operators of this company for the past 30 years based in Whangarei, manufacturing high-class exterior joinery for Northland conditions. Their main focus is simple, ensuring the customer receives the highest quality products and services for their project.

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We supply quality aluminium joinery for residential and commercial projects

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